Abby Lee announces candidacy for Idaho Senate

Fruitland resident Abby Lee has announced her plans to run for the Idaho State Senate seat in District 9. Lee said she will work to reduce the tax burden on hard-working families, improve education, and support economic development efforts to encourage businesses to stay and grow in Idaho.

“I’m not a career politician. I’m not part of the political establishment. I’m a hard-working, community-involved individual who believes our citizen-led government should have more representation from individuals, and less from special interests,” Lee said.

“I’m concerned that our children won’t have the same opportunities we enjoy,” she added. “I decided I could either sit and worry about what I think the Senator who represents me should be doing, or I could do step in, roll up my sleeves and get to work trying to make a difference.”

Lee, 42, is a longtime resident of Idaho. As the daughter of a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran and a school teacher, Lee grew up learning the value of hard work and the importance of education. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University (Provo) and her master’s degree from Boise State University. In addition, Lee was selected last fall to be part of Boise State University’s first-ever PhD class in Public Policy and Administration.

She is a past president of the Kiwanis Club and has been involved in local education and community improvement efforts. She was part of the development efforts and initial formation of the tri-county Snake River Economic Development Association. She has more than 20 years of communication and community relations experience, having worked in higher education for the past 14 years. Lee and her husband, Brian, a fourth-generation Idahoan, have been married for more than 20 years. They are the parents of two teenage daughters.

“I understand the conservative principles that should govern our state and will represent those values,” Lee said. “I’m asking the voters in District 9 to join a movement for committed new leadership, which will improve the fundamentals for sustained economic growth, meet the 21st Century demands of educating our next generation, and drive our state’s government to be more efficient, transparent and responsive.”

Local supporters of Lee’s candidacy include: Payette County Sheriff Chad and Joanie Huff, Dell Winegar, Farrell and Linda Rawlings, Payette Mayor Jeff Williams, Payette County Commissioner Rudy and Valerie Endrikat, Kelly and Holly Henggeler, Dr. John and Lori Foote, Fruitland Mayor Ken and Julia Bishop, Drs. Tony and Barbara Tesnohlidek, Joe and Betty Wozniak, Troy and Teresa O’Dell, Dr. Matt Berria, Kevin and Anne-Marie Kelso, Bud Reifsneider, Reece Hrizuk, Chad and Molly Henggeler, Mike and Kim Hanigan, Fred and Jody Starr, and Frazer Peterson.

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